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The Red Hat Certification Program is Red Hat's professional certification program for Red Hat and general Linux related skills such as system administration on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat certifications are indisputably regarded as the best in Linux, and perhaps, according to some, in all of IT. The tests are hands-on and involve troubleshooting, installation, and system administration.

  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator — RHCSA
  • (EX200): Ready to administer Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer — RHCE
  • (EX300): Be a senior system administrator of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.
  • Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator — RHCVA
  • (EX318): Deploy and manage virtual hosts in production with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.
  • JBoss Certified Application Administrator — JBCAA (EX336):
  • Demonstrate your mastery of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.
  • JBoss Certified Developer in Persistence ― JBCD-Persistence (EX297):
  • The knowledge and skills needed to use the Java Persistence API (JPA) with JBoss Hibernate® to create, modify, and maintain persistent objects in business applications.
  • JBoss Certified Developer in Seam – JBCD-Seam (EX311):
  • Performance-based exam that tests a user’s ability to create web applications using the JBoss Seam framework.
  • JBoss Certified Developer in ESB — JBCD – ESB (EX431):
  • Use JBoss ESB to enable communications between enterprise applications.
Benefits of becoming Red Hat Certified
  • Confidence and competence
  • : RHCEs report greater confidence in their skills and better success at building and managing Linux servers. The actual quality of their work and their professionalism improve. They are better at performing their jobs for their employers, can take on more challenging assignments, and they receive recognition for this.
  • Career results:
  •  RHCEs interviewed also report one or more of the following within 90 days of earning the RHCE certificate: a new job, a raise, a promotion, increased responsibility, assignment to lead or supervisory role, increased recognition and/or prestige among colleagues.
  • Benefits provided directly by
  •  Red Hat: Verification services for all certificate holders are provided at Certification Central. RHCEs have exclusive access to RHCE Connection, a special site for RHCEs to receive special offers, discounts and benefits, as well as technical updates and access to resources. Certain other discretionary benefits of certification, such as partner programs between Red Hat and the company at which you may be employed, may require you to maintain certification on the most recent major release or otherwise on a more frequent basis than Red HatGLS stated policy for individuals.
  • Hard dollars:
  •  RHCE earn more because of their RHCE, as shown by two recent independent surveys: Computer Reseller News, and Certification Magazine.

Choosing the right certification depends on your background and goals. Whether you have advanced, minimal, or no UNIX or Linux experience whatsoever, Red Hat Training has a training and certification path that is right for you

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